Prakruthi Ayurveda Prathishtana ® is a Charitable trust located in the Heritage City of Karnataka – Mysore. It is a noble venture involved in the promotion of practically of Ayurveda at grass – root level (Clinics and hospitals) through Education, Healthcare and Research . We are currently looking for a competitive candidates interested in our “Fellowship Program in Ayurveda Clinical Research”. Method of selection of candidate, Duration of fellowship, Topic for research and other details is as follows :


Selection Criteria

    1. Through campus interview for BAMS and Ayurveda PG graduates.
    2. Selection of the candidate on the basis of performance in the written test as well as oral interview by selection committee.
    3. Signing MOU by the selected candidate to make sure that they will complete the task within the stipulated time period of two years.

    During first year

    1. Literary research where the scholar has to collect literary data from all possible sources i.e. Ayurveda texts and conventional medical science.
    2. Fellowship scholar has to establish a contact of expertise of that disease for guidance or work under them for a stipulated period to obtain practical knowledge from various practitioners
    3. To prepare an appropriate case sheet for patient data collection in the 2nd year
    4. Thoroughly get acquainted with suitable medicines, therapies, diet, life style etc., which are applied at different stages of disease as treatments and supportive modalities
    5. Articles on literary research had to be published in reputed journals / e-journals / websites.
    6. Literary data had to be compiled by the end of first year on which interpretations were added by the end of 2nd

    During second year

    1. Application of literary research knowledge on selected disease by revalidation through clinical re-establishment and systematic documentation as per the Ayurveda classical text based diagnostic tools, medicines and therapies.
    2. Systematically collecting clinical data, processing data and publishing the data in the form of clinical research case presentation to be published in reputed journals / e-journals / websites.
    3. Rational approach in treating the disease had to be published in the form of a book which shall be beneficial to students of Ayurveda and clinical practitioners.
    4. A handbook of clinical diagnosis with treatment modalities applied in treating chosen diseases for fellowship in its various condition or complication shall also to be published in the form of book.


    For B.A.M.S.              :                Rs. 20,000/-

    For B.A.M.S., M.D.    :                Rs. 30,000/-

    • Age limit for campus interview : 23 – 35 years.
    • Opening for 2 students only.