Our vision is to develop specialty consultation in each branch of Ayurveda. And to build Specialist Doctors to treat different diseases confidently through Ayurveda.

In Western medical Science, we see competent specialists in each disease like Diabetes, Cardiac ailments, Kidney disorders etc. Our vision is to develop such specialty consultants in each branch of Ayurveda and also in the areas like Diabetology, Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology etc. to treat various critical ill-health conditions effectively & confidently through Ayurveda.

In this regard, we started a Research project on the burning issue – Diabetes, understanding & management through Ayurveda. Campus interviews were conducted in colleges of SDMCA, Hassan & GAMC, Bengaluru to select the suitable candidates.

Dr. Lakshmipriya M R, Ayurveda Graduate from SDMCA, Hassan was selected as the Research scholar. Dr. Niranjan Hegde headed the project as Research administrator.
She has done in-depth study of literatures / Ayurveda texts such as Charaka, Sushruta, Vagbhata as well as other auxiliary texts for the references to understand DIABETES in terms of Ayurveda. She has developed the traditional Ayurvedic way of urine analysis, categorizes so as to diagnose the condition, determine the prognosis and decide the treatment techniques. Trust is going o publish books written by her during the study which includes basics of Ayurveda & detail study & analysis.

She has already given talks about Ayurvedic management of Diabetes in Agnivesha Ayurveda Anushthana, Bengaluru & @ Sagara, Shimoga Dt. She is even visiting Sagara, Shimoga monthly on request by patients of Diabetes. Her analysis & treatments are showing positive results in many patients. Trust is going to publish articles based on her clinical studies of cases of Diabetes.

Future Plan
In the coming years, we wish to continue with similar projects in various subjects & aim to create specialists in various subjects like Manasa roga (Psychiatry), Shalya(Surgery), Shalakya (ENT), Kaumara Bhritya (Pediatrics) etc. Even in the areas like Cardiology, Rheumatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology etc.

Research project – pattern

Duration of program – 2 yrs.
Syllabus will be provided by the trust for the study.

First year: Refreshing classes about the basics of Ayurveda will be given by the trust doctors to the scholar. Then they will be guided to carry out in depth study of classics related to the subject. The scholar has to study, analyze, summarize, document and adapt the modalities of Ayurvedic treatments to particular field (diseases which they have opted).
Later they have to work with the senior consultants, Research Administrator and other specialty consultants of the hospital in order to learn the practical implementation of the subject.

In short: They have to gain complete knowledge regarding particular field and they are supposed to follow the stipulated timetable given by the Research Administrator and Trust. The theoretical knowledge so gathered will be collectively published as a book in that subject.

Second year: Second year they will be posted as specialty consultant in the hospital and they should effectively treat the particular patients through their enormous knowledge which they have gained in first year. The cases treated & the results obtained will be analyzed & published as a research article.

Third year: 3rd year if they wish to continue as a specialty consultant in the hospital, Trust will be happy to recruit them as a consultant as per the agreement on that date.

Scholarship: will be provided to Research scholars.

Certificate: will be issued by the trust after the completion of the program.

Call for Research scholars
Prakruthi Ayurveda Prathishtana® is inviting interested students for Research project for next year.
Interested candidates can mail their CV to [email protected].

Extensive research programs are being planned through qualified and highly dedicated group to study “Vrikshayurveda” (Ayurveda for plants) to understand interplant relations, diseases and how to manage them herbally, involving interested organic farming folks.

Ayurveda under the name of Vrikshaayurveda describes various aspects related to plants. Like human beings even plants have “tridoshas” which maintain their normalcy.

Ayurveda recognizes a diseased condition based on imbalance in dosha and depending upon the lodging of dosha in specific dhatus. But regarding the identification of dhatus or malas in plants it is still unclear. Hence, there is ample scope for research in vrikshaayurveda to maintain the normalcy of healthy plants and to treat them in their diseased condition according to the treatment principles adopted in humans.

Trust is in search of suitable candidates who are dedicated to work in this field. Interested candidates can contact us.

Planning of Research programs to conduct studies on scriptural and experimental knowledge by several experts and bring out simple yet effective combination drugs is under way. There are enumerable yogas described in Ayurvedic classics which are rarely being practiced by doctors today. Many traditional vaidyas use a variety of anubhuta yogas which are nowhere recorded. There is a need to re-validate and document these simple and effective yogas. Through clinical research our aim is to identify such yogas and test and document their efficacy in various health conditions.

Practitioners interested to carry out these kinds of clinical studies are welcome by the trust.