In the field of Ayurveda Education

  • To continue organizing more & more interactive sessions, seminars, workshops, filed visits etc.
  • To support more number of Ayurveda students and professionals to study under Guru – shishya parampara program. Thereby to create a large group of Ayurveda doctors with classical knowledge, experience & expertise in their respective fields of interest in Ayurveda.
  • To bring out CD’s of shloka recitation & thereby facilitating easy & correct learning of shlokas among students.
  • To develop quality library by adding useful books & digitalizing the books for the convenience of students.
  • To extend the benefit of Ayurveda classes to all the students who can’t attend in Mysore by developing online Ayurveda tutorials using modern technology support.
  • To promote in depth functioning of Prakruthi Ayurveda Forum, through which a student can get excellent learning facilities & job opportunities.
  • To create interest towards Ayurveda in school going children (high school & higher secondary level) through awareness programs & competitive exams.
  • To conduct programs to convey the social importance of Ayurveda.
  • To create awareness in general public about Ayurveda & its role in health maintenance, prevention of diseases, how to live with nature, home remedies etc.

In the field of Ayurveda Research

  • Through the research projects we aim in future to train students & develop consultants  in different specializations in the field of,
    • Life style disorders like Diabetes, High blood pressure, Obesity etc.
    • Cardiology (Ayurveda Heart care)
    • Nephrology (Ayurveda kidney disease management)
    • Stroke, Parkinsonism, Muscular dystrophy etc., Neuro-muscular disorders
    • Joint disorders (different types of arthritis, fracture, disc problems etc)
    • Male & female infertility
    • Ayurveda Gynecology & obstetrics
    • Ayurveda Pediatrics
    • Ayurveda Psychiatry
    • Ayurveda Opthalmology
    • Ayurveda ENT
    • Ayurveda Surgery
    • Ayurveda Endocrinology
    • Ayurveda Geriatrics / rejuvenation
    • Ayurveda Cancer management
  • Re – validation and documentation of more number of good old Ayurveda formulations and to make them reach the society.
  • To uplift the strength of Ayurvedic principles by the application of Jyauthisha, Marma chikitsa, Nadi pareeksha, Music therapy etc.
  • In the field of Vrikshayurveda – to study & understand interplant relations, diseases and how to manage them with herbs, involving interested organic farming folks.
  • Also to carry out research activities in the field of Agriculture & Horticulture to help our farmers.

In the field of Ayurveda Healthcare
Future Hospital project


  • To establish 20 – 25 beds Ayurveda Hospital in Mysore, to cater to needs of all socio – economic groups under one roof & to deliver classical Ayurveda services. 
  • To make available excellent team of experienced Ayurveda doctors.



  • It caters to the health needs of all socio-economic groups of people under one roof.
  • It serves the need of patients who desire to claim their medical insurance facility.
    (As the minimum requirement for insurance is a 15 bedded hospital)
  • New hospital intended is designed to combine the ancient techniques with modern technology.
  • Facilities will be provided for specialized care & also emergency management (With ICU, Minor OT & Labor ward).
  • It provides a platform to the students studying under our Research wing to practice their specialized field. They will be provided with fully equipped specialized units to practically implement their academic skills.
  • It opens door to the learners of Ayurveda who wish to learn in the hospital & practice with confidence.
  • It will be an open hospital where any of the Ayurveda doctor can admit their patients & utilize the facilities for their treatment. OP basis treatments can also be made use of by the Ayurveda community.


The proposed future hospital will be located in the center of the cultural city, Mysore. Being the Yoga hub & a major tourist destination Mysore, Karnataka, India attracts many visitors all around the world. Our hospital hopes to spread the glory of Ayurveda in such a place.  




  • Ayurveda specialty consultation & therapy rooms
  • Standard beds (includes economy & financially supported)
  • Deluxe beds
  • Yoga hall
  • Ayurveda kitchen & dining
  • Conference hall & class rooms



  • Ayurvedic Emergency care unit (ICU) with modern technology support
  • Delivery ward
  • Minor operation theatre

It will be unique of its kind with even modern medical amenities for over all care of the patient.

Integrated approach can always prove to be the better option for improved patient care. In our future project, our main focus is to provide the best possible treatments through Ayurveda by utilizing the modern tools & technologies wherever necessary.