This is the maximum used drug by GP and consultants.


Shuddha hingula



Tankana (or gandhaka)


All in equal quantity and processed with jambeera swarasa for one whole day.


125 mg Tid   



Kutaja twak

Indrayava churna

Ardraka swarasa




Dadima churna or swarasa








Contra indicated

In pittaja jwara, pittaja atisara, and other pittaja vikaras, if it is needed to use, add pravala pishti and tandulodaka.


According to anupana it is used in all types of atisara and jwara, Anandabhairava rasa (ABR) resembles Tribhuvanakirti (TBK) rasa, the difference is the bhavana dravya.  TBK is processed in tulasi, aardraka, dhattura swarasa , so in children it is better to use ABR than TBK.

In aamavastha, use with aardraka swarasa or mustakarishta or panchakola phanta & in pakvavastha should be used with kutaja / takra / mastu / dadima.

In grahani, it is best to use with bilvadi churna / kutaja / takra.

It is processed in jambira swarasa —  ‘ aamlam kshalayati” means amla rasa increases the secretion of all glands from saliva to pituitary gland ,  i.e pitta. When we think of hypo thyroidism, causative factor is grahini dosha, dhatwagni mandya, by increasing the secretion of thyroid gland and removing aama in rasa dhatu, it gives good result in hypothyroidism.

In kaasa, with kapha srava, ABR with Agnitundi vati is beneficial.

In shwasa, Ananda bhairava is used to clear the shotha of lungs ( bronchitis, alveolitis, ) and to control kaphasrava.  ABR (TBK)+ sameera pannaga + sitopaladi + yashtimadhu are good combination in acute condition , at this stage ABR is better than Shwasakuthara.  Shwasa kuthara  gives good relief in peenasa janya shwasa,  ABR or TBK are better choice in ajirna janya shwasa.

In kaphaja prameha or in madhumeha where albuminuria is present –  ABR with shilajatu is useful.

In aamavatha, ABR is used with agnitundi vati for koshtagata and rasa dhatugata aamapachana.


Because ABR contains shudda hingula, in children from the age of three months we can give in minimum dose for 5 to 7 days.  In elder age group it can be given 25 to 30 days.

 If there is possibility of pitta prokopa, usually we give up to 15 days then if aama lakshanas are still present we repeat after 20 days except in amavata where we need not use it repeatedly.


Author is Senior Ayurveda physician in GAD, Purappemane, Sagara.