Rasa sindhura 

Naga bhasma

Loha bhasma

Abhraka bhasma

prosessed in Dhatura swarasa, Vijaya ( bhang- opium) swarasa, yashtimadhu swarasa, Shalmali swarasa & Nagavalli swarasa.

Action of ingredients

All four rasoushadhas are known for dhatuvardhaka & having balya property.

  • Here rasa sindhura is the main drug which is kupi pakwa rasa, which has a very strong penetrative effect ( ushna virya ).
  • Palandu (onion ) is said to be vrushya. Even though it has katu rasa and ushna virya & not having even gunas with shukra dhatu, it is having madhura vipaka, ushna virya. The penetration power of this drug causes vrushya property.
  • Rasa sindhura acts like a vehicle for naga bhasma and abhraka bhasma to produce the desired effect on shukradhatu, rasa sindhura itself is also dhatu poushtika.
  • About naga bhasma a quote says “ nagesho nagabalado ‘ it gives bala to the organs situated in muladhara chakra, the god of which is vasukhi, i.e naga the serpent power. This is the reason why the God Subrahmanya is worshipped for ‘ ishta santana’.
  • The bhavana dravyas selected here are dhatura and vijaya both of them having madaka, vyavayi and shukra sthambhaka, and are used in dhwaja bhanga. Yashti madhu is rasa dhatu poshaka, artava vikara shamaka, garbha poshaka & garbhashaya balya. It is known for its progesterone hormone balancing property, that is why shatavari and yashtimadu ksheerapaka are used in first trimester of pregnancy. Nagavalli is another drug having Kamottejaka character .

Therapeutic uses

  • Puspadhanva rasa is used as in male INFERTILITY –  vajikara, shukra dhatu vardhaka, relives dwajabhanga, acts as shukra sthambhaka .
  • In female infertility also it is used to restore proper ovulation, ill development of the ovary, functional disturbances where anovulatory cycle is the reason for infertility.
  • Shukra kshaya may be due to asthidhatu kshaya or  may be viloma kshaya is observed in any patient , complaining katishoola, shweta pradara, yonishosha ( dry vagina) , in these conditions , pushpadhanva rasa is used with shatavari ghruta.
  • When a lady suffers from dhatu kshaya due to many abortions or any other bad OBG history, then this is real sanjivini for them.
  • I have seen in one patient who is taking treatment for infertility at KMC manipal, after taking this medicine she ovulated very healthy ,very active , multiple ovules and conceived at one sitting only, but we can not challenge our success.
  • Any persons suffering from prameha feels sexual disturbances, then this drug is helpful .
  • In shukrashmari and shukra meha this rasa is given with chandraprabha vati.
  • In BPH( benign prostatic enlargement ) if pushpa dhanva rasa is given with mushali khadiradi kashaya gives very good results.

In general  this rasaushadhi is used in shukravaha srotovikara, viloma dhatu kshaya & artava vaha srotovikara.

Author is Senior Ayurveda physician in GAD, Purappemane, Sagara