“Disha” – 3 days motivational workshop for upcoming doctors was conducted by Prakruthi Ayurveda Prathishtana ®, Mysore.
The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Gajanana Hegde, Principal, Government Ayurveda Medical College, Mysore, Dr. N.Chandrashekar, Dr.Patanjali & Mr. Pradyumna.
Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh, Dr. Dayanand.R.D. & Dr. Shilpa.S.N. co – ordinated the programs.
25 delegates from various colleges participated in the workshop.

Day 1 – 27th September

Morning session
Mr. Pradyumna about ‘Personality development’.

Afternoon session
Dr. Dayanand R.D. about ‘Adoption of Technology and importance of documentation’.
Interaction with achiever Dr. Prasanna.P.

Evening session
Dr.Priyanka Shandilya about ‘Understanding of Cardiac diseases as per Ayurveda’.

Day 2 – 28th September

Morning session
Dr.Dayanand.R.D – Practical demo of Anjana, Nasya, Gandoosha
Vd.Ananth B.G & Vd.Madhukeshwar – Demo of Suryanamaskara
Dr. Niranjan Hegde about ‘Importance of manas in clinical practice’.
Dr.Muralidhar about ‘Selection of treatments & medicines’.
Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh – Practical demo of Abhyanga – Sarvanga Dhara & Nirooha Basti.

Afternoon session
Interaction with achievers Dr. Ramesh Bhat & Dr. Patanjali
Quiz by Dr.Patanjali & Dr.Niranjan Hegde
Prize distribution to quiz winners

Evening session
Dr.Shilpa .S.N. about ‘Importance of Specialty practice in Ayurveda’.

Day 3 – 29th September

Morning session
Dr.Prasanna Venkatesh – Practical Demo of Vamana therapy
Vd. Shankaranarayana Jois about Intergrated approach, incorporation of other Indian sciences
Dr. Vedanth about ‘Legal precautions’
Interaction with achievers –Dr.Krishnamurthy.M.S & Dr.Ramesh.P.V.

Afternoon session
Felicitation to Dr.Gurubasavaraj, Best teacher awarder, JSS Ayurveda Medical College, Mysore
Field visit to Dixit Arogya Dhama, Mysore

Evening session
Dr. Lakshmipriya about ‘Case taking methodology, understanding Samprapthi as per Ayurveda’.
The participants were very much motivated by the sessions & through interaction with the achievers. At the end of the workshop they gave positive feedback about the workshop & the sessions.