Swarna bhasma 3 parts,

Roupya bhasma 2 parts,

Abhraka bhasma 2 parts,

Loha bhasma 5 parts,

Pravala and Mukta bhasma 3 parts each,

Rasa sindhura 7 parts, processed in Kumari swarasa



Very useful in all vatarogas, pakshaghata & suthika rogas.

Vayu is called ‘ Tantra Yantra dharaha ‘ by Acharya  Charaka. All functions related with sensory and motor activities are chiefly controlled by Vata. Whenever sensory activity of the body is affected there will be an outbreak of many vatavyadhis , chiefly when  the brain and brain cells are involved it causes different  types of neurological troubles.

In all such troubles the general drugs of choice are – Brihat vata chintamani, Rasaraja Rasa, Yogendra rasa, Mahavata vidhvansa, Ekangaveera rasa, etc.


Mode of action

Here when we see the ingredients of BVC,

  • Swarna and Roupya Bhasma are dhatu pushtikara, vata shamaka, cell rejuvenator, especially cells of brain and nervous system , neurons and nerve ganglions.
  • Abhraka bhasma is rasayana.
  • Loha bhasma is rakta dhatu vardhaka, increases the quality of blood circulatory system, improves the quality of blood vessels,
  • Pravala and Mukta are asthi dhatu vardhaka, pitta shamaka, mastishka shamaka &hridaya pushtikara.
  • Rasa sindhura is best rasayana, vata shamaka, and being a kupi pakwa rasa it have very good penetration power > high pharmaco kinetic.


Therapeutic uses

  • In pakshaghata after the disease is stabilised , to regain the sensory and motor activity BVC is used.

In acute stage tapyadi loha, yogaraj guggulu are beneficial.

If  dhatu kshaya is main  then Yogendra rasa is better choice.

In painful conditions of nervous system ( vata nadi kshobha – neuralgia ) MVV is useful.

  • BVC improves the damaged brain cells, restores the blood circulation with the help of loha bhasma. In this condition it will be more beneficial to use with Ekangaveera rasa.
  • In Some cases pandu is associated with palpitations, dyspnoea, in these cases BVC is used with Prabhakara vati and Arjunarishta.
  • In acute conditions of CVS > hypertension, arrhythmia, BVC is used as sublingual gives very good results. Here the combination of pravala ,mukta and suvarna plays a major role. Due to this combination BVC is called hrudya.
  • In sutika roga some times hysteria is developed , in such cases BVC added with abhraka and jasada bhasma gives good results.
  • Due to spondylosis , diabetes, or any other reason , numbness , tingling sensation, loss of sensation , hyper sensitivity of peripheral nervous system are developed , then rejuvenation of nerves and nerve ganglion is essential , in such conditions BVC is best choice.
  • In polio myelitis also BVC is used to improve the quality of motor activities of the limb.
  • If vata is associated with pitta BVC is used, if associated with dhatu kshaya > Yogendra rasa is used.

Note : Because of the cost of the BVC, some pharmacies prepare without adding swarna bhasma , this also works same  with less results .



Author is Senior Ayurveda physician in GAD, Purappemane, Sagara